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Rotary Shaft Seals and what you have to look for when choosing an appropriate Vendor

I am going to show you in this article what you have to look for when choosing an adequate Rotary Shaft Seal (Simerring).

It doesn’t matter if you own a business or if you are a private person that is looking for best quality Seals – this article is for you.

You need to be familiar with seal-design. If you no glue what I am talking about here, then you should google this. Without proper knowledge in this area, you don’t know what you have to look for.
Although there are a lot of different types, finding the right type should be pretty easy then, if you follow my advice in this post.

Appropriate Materials

There is a big number of different materials availaible on the market. Ask yourself what you want the Seal to be used for and choose the right material of it. Rotary Shaft Seals are very often made out of Silicone as this is commonly used in applications. But there are also further materials like EPDM for example.

Without having chosen the right kind of material of shaft seal, there is no application. The risk of doing damage to your machine (or whatever you are using this for) is far too high!
Material does influence which kind of pressures and/or temperatures a Seal can stand.


The Design of your application is crucial to know what Rotary Shaft Seal you have to choose.

Pressure, compression and a lot of other factors need to be considered when choosing correct Rotary Shaft Seal.
There are a lot of possibilites to buy high quality Seal Technology and pretty any state has their own high-quality vendors. Nevertheless I have found a very high quality vendor based in Germany. They call those kind of Seals Simmerring. The company is called „Technische Teile Vertrieb GmbH and is lead by a guy called Mr. Nitzschke. They have several employees and check quality of O-Rings, Seals and Bearing before they deliver.

If you have proper knowledge and know how to check quality, you can surely also go for online stores, too.


Every vendor has its own kind of seals which they sell to the public. Those seals can and should be used for different applications.

You should know what you are going to use the seal for and either have the knowledge yourself to choose the right kind and material or ask the vendor (either via telephone or via contact form in an online-store…).

Good salespersons can guide you by asking what you need the seal for and give you advice.

In my opinion: the two most important factors are material and design as outlined in my article. Nevertheless I would always contact a vendor, tell them my exact needs and ask them, what they do suggest.

Especially if you need a big amount of seals (can also be O-Rings or Plain Bearing), there is no way around to get in close contact to your supplier. All your Seals need to be quality-checked by them!

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